Rock ‘n Roll…

Last night while watching tv my couch turned into a rocking boat. My eyes got delighted, not scared! It was the result of the 6.6 earthquake in Panama. It felt like water moving in swells underneath the couch and I was floating on it. Amazing.

A couple of days before, I did get a teensy bit scared, tho. That was because my house was hit by lightening while I was in it. Yikes! Ya know when you see a lightening strike outside and the world turns a vibrant, inexplicable white? I was in the middle of it. I heard the fizzy sound, the breakers flipped, the entire world including the inside of my house became that blazing whiteness and I had time to only say the “E” in “Eh?” before my body bolted up off the couch without any help from me. By the time my backside hit the couch again, it was over.


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