ImageYou’d think, wouldn’t you, that after 4 weeks in a new country I’d be gadding about madly and enjoying all this new country has to offer. But… you know the punchline… NOT. I’ve been so wrapped up worrying about this and that… that I had to be led by the nose to begin enculturating myself beyond the daily trip to the Supermarket. Yeah, butterflies in the gut big time. But, now it’s happening. I started Spanish classes today with a wonderful teacher who wields a very large, if tangential, whip. She gave me the usual lecture about why don’t I do anything, staying at home, when I have all this beautiful country and available resources – for free – for people my age to gather and speak Spanish and maybe dance a little bit. Okay, the butterflies really fluttered at that one. She’s gonna force me to be social while she’s teaching me. She considers it part of the class. Ye Gads! I said, with a tear in my eye, that I would try. She’s not the only one… everyone is social here. Everyone talks to everyone and asks them personal questions without the slightest hesitation. I am not in Norte Americano anymore. Add another layer to Ye Gads! I take the bus to a city called Heredia (60 cents). It’s a school bus painted nicely and rides just the same as you remember. Half an hour there and back in the most beautiful scenery! As I was riding home after our first class today, feeling as if I’d really accomplished something on my own, I thought “She might have something at that!”


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