Montezuma Rhapsody?




I don’t think so, although it sure seemed like it… I think I’ve discovered I’m allergic to fresh off the farm golden pineapples!  The photo here is a shot of the drive from the street into the property my house is on. Beautiful isn’t it? A lane of trees that you would consider houseplants! Once I figure out how to post a bunch of photos, I’ll share the entire property with you. In the meantime, this wonderful introduction must needs suffice. In the past week I’ve had a marvelous evening sleepover with my granddaughter Lorelei at my house; enjoyed an all-day birthday party of a sibling of my daughter in law; discovered a new allergy – and am considering pretty seriously that I’m allergic to studying Spanish as well! This is not an easy undertaking, no matter what age or situation you are in. I want to learn the language because I’m so isolated without it. As each day goes by it’s another day I haven’t put a dent in it because I haven’t taken the effort as seriously as I understand I need to. I can only be a newby in a tiny town for so long, right? And the taxi drivers all know who I am now. I get in the taxi and without saying anything they know where I want to go. So, I must progress. Expletive deleted to the max, I must tax my brainpan into understanding verbs these next two days before I meet with my tutor again. It’s imperative. She’s taking this tutoring much more seriously than I am because she is speaking only in Spanish now, so my lag time is up and I have to pay attention and get with the program. Allergies are way underrated, especially when it has something to do with learning a new language!


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