Yep… Montezuma’s

The photo below is my granddaughter Lorelei posing patiently in order that you can see how large these plants actually are. Amazing. Everywhere!

Saw the mountains surrounding the central valley today for the first time. I guess I was so anxious I was only looking at what was immediately in front of me. Today on my way to my Spanish tutor I realized that if I let my eyes simply roam…. there they were! Holy Moly! Incredible! And I also discovered 2 other things today… first, I’ve learned some spanish! There are culprint events which assisted in this effort without my even realizing it: culprit one: a birthday party where everyone was Costa Rican but me (Costa Rican parties last all day and evening, btw…) and culprit two: watching Ace of Cakes in Spanish! Who knew??

After our session my tutor showed me where the Central Market was. She went off to the tram and I took myself into the market all unknowingly… and was I surprised! It took a concerted and conscious effort to keep my mouth shut as I gazed in wonder at all the fruits, veggies, and myriads of fresh meats, some of which were being cleaned and cut on top of the display cabinets in front of the stall! I felt like Anthony Bordain should be walking through with a film crew it was all so dramatically “other.”

And, finally, yes….. dirty/smelly water really is something you need to boil before drinking… silly me.


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