Lazy and Late


Better late than never, huh? You might be able to see my house through the flowers, but only if you put your mind to it… kinda like this past week has been for me. Very lazy, very not project oriented. I have class tomorrow with my Spanish tutor Cristina and I am just now getting the paperwork out and realizing that it was enough for a week that I spent being pretty lazy instead of working as I should have. Sigh. Can you tell I feel like I’ve finally arrived in Costa Rica? Yes. It feels marvelous to just putter around the house, watch the weather, listen to the birds, read, and attend to the necessary stuff. I’ve decided to adopt Heredia for the next month or so and really get to know it. I’m going back to the central market tomorrow and have lunch. Then I want to find this fantastic apartment/hotel just for a further foray into the city… and also because it’s across the street from a fantastic Italian restaurant. I want to find and do these things because I realize I’m ready for adventure now. I’m feeling more comfortable. Maybe this new feeling of relaxation will help with my Spanish. I do know that being between two languages is tending to screw up my spelling in English. But to heck with the spelling, it’s the “saying” that’s next, isn’t it? Yep. I have to have some language to order lunch tomorrow. THAT I won’t be hesitant about doing…. now back to studying…

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