To Drama – Or Not…

When you’re – well, me – retired, everyday is a Saturday! I have to check my Calendar to figure out what day it is; or after my computer boots up. Sigh. I’m really relaxing here in paradise. This photo is of glowing yellow flowers with Vidal, the farmer of the property, in the background. Idyllic, right? HA! You shoulda been here a coupla days ago! We experienced the force of nature for 2 hours with winds like a tornado, rain so heavy at times I couldn’t see out of my windows and lightening and thunder galore. It was amazing. I stood in the middle of my safe little casa feeling the awe of the pounding, pounding, pounding of the storm. About half an hour after I had cleaned up the mess from open windows in the kitchen…. ahem….. I was so captivated that I forgot I’d left them open…. my daughter in law called to make sure I was alright and told me that her sister and entire family got stranded in an overflowing culvert and had to be rescued by the Red Cross! Mucho frightening event! Evidently they thought they could make it through a monsoon-ridden lake in the road, only to short out the engine. They decided to leave the car, opened the door and were immediately in a lake up to their chests…. everyone screaming and crying over the cell phone to mamacita so the rest of the family could experience their terror along with them. But, that’s one of the endearing attributes of the Costa Rican culture. The family, the closeness, the connections are deep and lasting no matter the circumstances. And the next morning? As if it never happened. No drama left over to try and reconcile…. they move on, they are more in the moment than I’ve ever experienced. And the flowers in the picture above? Can you see them glowing? Yes. That’s my metaphor for today, my friends. Giving your all within the moment of the moment doesn’t leave any space for leftover wanderings of what-if’s. Image

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