A Day In The Life…

ImageFor the past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about getting some type of structure set up in my side garden so that I could watch the birds eating my leftover fruit throughout the day. What kind of structure would it be, would I have to do more than swab it off each day, would the birds crap all over the beautiful flowers and ruin the garden, was it too big a risk with the squirrels shouldering in on the delicacies… on and on.  Interestingly enough, late last week I was delighted with the opportunity to watch six of these pictured birds (Oropenda) eating the plantains on a tree right outside my kitchen windows! These birds are about five times the size of a robin, make a sound like a turkey that bounces through the jungle, have nests dangling from very tall trees that are huge, long structures…, and are very rarely seen. And I had SIX of them flying from tree to tree, calling, eating and delighting me with their spectacle! It was like I had a dream come true! Inside of 2 weeks of thinking about it! I’m loving my life in paradise!

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