Warm… Warmer….

It’s getting warm here… necessitating afternoon naps and evidencing wilted clothing and energies. I’m getting used to wearing clothing at home showcasing upper arms that haven’t seen the sun for five decades. No choice. I’m so hot I don’t even care anymore… or maybe it’s my age and I’ve finally gotten to a place where I really don’t care what people think of my body anymore. Shiver… (intellectually/emotionally anyway – certainly not in any other way). And it’s winter… At the beach, in the pristine setting above, you will experience even warmer weather… really it’s just plain hot and the humidity is always high. I’m not partial to the ocean here because of the warmth. It’s totally enervating to me. Nice to look at from a hammock at the top of the hills overlooking the beach where you might catch a few stray cool breezes. I understand now why the other grandma in the familia takes 3 showers and launders every day.  I’m getting used to sweating completely through all the clothes I have on after walking what the U.S. would consider a few blocks. Or before a rain when the humidity climbs to such a degree that just sitting in place there’s sweat running down my face. Hey! It’s paradise, right? Paradise in Winter. I’ve got 3 months to get used to this before Summer begins…

If you’re interested in some of my woowoo stories, check them out on my website under Journeys/Lately at http://www.nikisimsoracle.com.

I’ll be back to posting in two weeks cuz next week I’ll be in David, Panama on a Visa Run. More later, gater!


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