The last couple of days it’s been in the 80’s during the day, high 60’s morning and evening, with humidity in the 80’s. And I’m COLD!!! I need sweats! Of course I didn’t bring anything warm with me when I moved here. So, I’m piling on the layers and thankfully have some really fun heavy wool socks that are my best friends lately. I guess I’m acclimated, right? 66 degrees is cold?? Yep. It’s winter here right now. The mornings are simply glorious with the sun brightening the jungle and the farm as if it’s early fall in the pacific northwest. Around 1pm in the afternoon it begins to cloud up and some terrific storms roll in and around our mountain top for the rest of the afternoon. All electrical outlets are unplugged so the lightening doesn’t fry the tv or computer. By 4:30 or so the sun begins to go down and I seriously consider going to bed, getting warm under the covers and reading my most recent favorite book.  I think it’s time for a Walmart run for sweats…


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