It’s Raining…


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The REAL rainy season has begun. Up until now the mornings were warm by 7am and my clothes would dry on the line within 2 hours. Now I can’t predict each day like I had been since I arrived in late May. Now if I’m lucky enough (?!) to wake up with the sun around 4:30-5 am I get to see a landscape reminiscent of Portland at the turn of a purely clear brilliant day when Fall is in the air and school is going to start soon… When there’s a certain look to the sun on the trees and an occasional cool breeze. That beautiful landscape  lasts now for maybe a couple hours, because by 7 or 8 am the clouds start rolling in, the wind picks up, it might sprinkle at any time, usually there’s a real downpour by noon and the rest of the afternoon is overcast and windy, accompanied by showers, sprinkles or downpours, again, and then it all might repeat, again.

Now… I’m not sayin’ that it’s like this every day during the rainy season. Just most days during September and October, tapering off in November when it begins to get really hot and dry for the next three months. (That’ll be a blog in and of itself!)

The official rainy season in Costa Rica is said to begin in May, the dry season in November. One of the folks who has lived on this property for three years told me the other day that he’s never seen it be so wet. The guy who writes the blog where I filched the picture above has details he logged about the rainy season; one of which was that the most amount of rain he received on his property in a 24-hour period- last year – totaled 2.5 inches. And that in one month the total was something like 13 inches of rain. And it’s wetter now than in the past three years? Gaaaaccckkkkk!

These details were recorded during either September or October… two months during the year when you’d better have an inside hobby that doesn’t need an electrical outlet for tv, radio, phone, or computer. Thunder and lightening haven’t been discussed thus far, but suffice it to say, when they do arrive at this time of year, they are magnificent and induce whimpering in the best of us at times.

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