My Walk To The Village…

I was thinking it would be fun to document some of the sites along my way to the Santa Barbara village from my house. The walk is up and down hills, through a small barrio or neighborhood, and has amazing vistas that are hard to capture with my camera, but I’ll attempt to explain as we go along…

Just outside my gate.

To begin, we are walking down the hill toward the infamous turn in the road where the dogs attack me if they are so inclined. I’ve discovered that they actually might be short-sighted and are trying to figure out what an ankle is, instead of having the intent of biting it off my foot.

We are at right around 4,000 feet above sea level here. My walk to the village goes up and down hills, so it’s an aerobic experience evidenced by my pants now sliding off my hips.

Corner neighborhood store.

We are now about 2 1/2 city blocks from my gate. These little neighborhood stores have front counters with the proprietor sitting behind it. S/he will gather the groceries you want and bring them to the front counter. It’s interesting. You see this type of store all over the neighborhoods and sometimes they have little kitchens where you can have a nosh as well… those are called Sodas.

Half way to the village.

The next photo kind of explains how the walk to downtown Santa Barbara from my house goes up and down hills. The hill you see in the background here is at about the same elevation from where I started. I descend and climb about three of them on the way to town. I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m still walking down the hill from my house. You can see that the homes here are protected with various types of gates and sometimes at the top of the gates you’ll see coiled barbed wire. This is because there aren’t enough police in the country to be on-call if burglars are prowling around, so people protect their properties with obvious gates, fences, etc. Behind these gates are deep and sometimes really large gracious properties and yards, so looks are very deceiving along the roadsides.

Rico Pan means Delicious Bread! One of the primary streets in Santa Barbara.

One of the busy streets in downtown Santa Barbara. This store is where I buy my bread. I walk in now and the ladies know me and immediately grab a plastic bag and tongs, reaching for the freshest bread just out of the oven. We all have big smiles on our faces as they hand it to me and it’s still warm from the oven. I do my happy dance with squeals of delight at their generosity! It’s a baguette direct from heaven that’s still warm even after walking a block away afterwards, catching a taxi to take me back up the hill to the gate, walking two blocks from the gate into my kitchen where I slather it with butter for my breakfast. I don’t eat all of the baguette, although I’d like to… as you can imagine. It’s enough for sandwiches for lunch, too, and heavenly cubed and toasted in a skillet until firm, then topped with homemade black beans and freshly grated cheddar cheese for dinner to finish it off. Ahhhh, just another day in the life, huh?

My Reward!


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