Monthly Archives: January 2013

Warmin’ Up…

The windy season is here, and even though it’s really warm (to me!) the cool breezes that come through about half the time with 20 mph winds up here in the hills are welcome! It’s in the mid-80’s now and will only get warmer for the next couple of months. I’ve heard that March is a killer month with the highest temperatures. I’d better get used to it, huh? Well…  I plan to… I plan to buy a kiddie pool to lay in with a spray bottle of cold water at my side, along with iced lemonade and my Nook. Maybe I’ll need a pillow, too, and if it gets wet in the pool, (wonderful!) that’ll be okay cuz it’ll cool off the back of my neck.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s my first summer or ‘high and dry’ season here in Costa Rica and I’m so so so happy to be here. Ya gotta realize, tho, that I’m from overcast-most-of-the-time Oregon where a 90 degree day makes quite a few people consider a hotel for the evening instead of sweltering at home. So, I’m gonna get used to the heat because I really have no alternative. If I were still in Oregon I’d go to the beach where it’s cooler…. here the beaches are on average ten degrees warmer than inland, with higher humidity. So…. the kiddie pool is going to be a necessity this first year in paradise.

There are positives to living in a warmer climate. Of course, seeing the sun every day is probably the primary aspect, but weight loss is a close second. This morning I put on a t-shirt the kids gave me six years ago for the first time. It’s a smaller sized XL. And my 16W pants are falling off now. Kind of a delightful outcome of changing environments so drastically.

It’s not only the warmth of the climate that has welcomed this change in weight, tho. It has as much to do with what I’m eating as well. Fresh foods. Nothing prepackaged or frozen – except for the Snickers and potato chips I allow myself once a month. Otherwise, I’m cooking all my meals or eating something that’s just been cooked from scratch. Makes a huge difference. Tastes WAY better, and since the basis of food here is beans, I’m getting the best protein available at least once a day. Check in with Dr. Oz, even he says eating beans once or twice a day will speed up the metabolism and lead to less reliance on other types of fats and proteins to fill up on. I do find that I’m not as hungry or hungry for something I can’t define very often.

So, here’s my gift to you today…

Hopelessly Delicious Costa Rican Hash
1/4 c diced red onion
2 diced cloves of garlic
1 tbs of Numar, margarine or butter
1 tbs of olive oil
heat to sizzling until onions start to wilt
add diced sausage – the kind that looks like polish sausage in a circle
heat for about 2 minutes, stirring every 20 seconds
add spices you want – I used 1/2 tsp Garlic and Pepper Tabasco Sauce and pepper
add a diced cooked potato, mix it up with the rest of the stuff in the pan
heat for about five minutes in order for the potato pieces to get a little browned
add a cup of cooked red beans with liquid
heat thoroughly, for about 2 minutes