Monthly Archives: February 2013

Settling In…

Since I’ve been gone WordPress has changed up my interface and I’m not sure I like it. Have to take into consideration that I never like change when I haven’t been asked up front and beforehand whether I want to participate or not – whether I have to be compelled or not – so, we’ll see how this goes… Anyway…. have been spending time away from this blog getting used to my new house and the view:


This view would put paid to any angst anyone would be feeling, wouldn’t it? You can see all the way across the valley to the other line of mountains that have the pacific beach on the other side. My back is to the Atlantic. It’s such a different spacial configuration than PDX! I still am having problems with where North is – and that’s a problem since everything here is directional because they don’t have addresses. A couple of things I thought would delight you about Costa Rica, then I’ll go sit out and stare for a while: in the street where I catch my bus home from Heredia there are these words printed brilliantly in yellow paint: 1 bus ctp…. they use ‘c’ like an ‘s.’  For afternoon tea it’s common to throw together a sandwich on Bimbo bread filled with strawberry jam and white cheese… let me clarify that the bread here is nothing like the bread where I came from… it’s soft, but tastes like it’s almost stale; due to the type of flour they use. It IS fresh and sliced thicker than I’m used to as well, which is wonderful, but the taste is different. And the cheese. Well. There are several types of white cheese here in Costa Rica. They’re really good, most of them, and one of the ‘Costa Rican’ typical foodstuffs. Some are saltier than others. And last but not least, I – on a pension of 1k a month – have a housekeeper! Actually cleans my house every other week for $4. No joke. $4. It takes her two hours. Ahhhhhhhhh, I love it here…. Gonna sit on the porch now.