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A little bit of everything…

panamacitytoursI recently had an opportunity to travel through Panama after nine months in Costa Rica. I had absolutely NO idea that I missed the City, but coming over the mountains into Panama City was one of the biggest rushes I’ve had in my life aside from drug induced euphoria.  Just look at this downtown skyline. If you haven’t been to Panama City, I heartily encourage you to do so – not only to see how they’re building a new city and how they’re managing to do so while incorporating abject poverty alongside tree-lined avenues of condos and international banking institutions – but it’s in the middle of a country that’s primarily rustic with lotsa beaches and simple living. Granted, it’s hotter than hot and humid… but take my advice while there and check out Old Town where they’re restoring colonial buildings from hundreds of years ago. Lots to see and experience here. This was the first time I’d seen incredible poverty smack dab next to redevelopment projects. Hurt my heart.

We’re in the tag end of the windy, hot season here in Costa Rica. It’s been very hot and humid these last couple of weeks – until I decided to leave off crooning to my month old granddaughter and make my way to do some shopping and head home. The heavens opened as we all gave a sigh of relief. The storm was a boon for the taxi drivers as the thunder and sheet lightening made all of us step to the side of a building under the eaves and attempt to wait it out. Rain in Costa Rica never lasts long, but it’s got a presence of it’s own when it decides to share time with us… and yesterday it decided to give us a huge reminder! Since I had four heavy bags of shopping to cart over a block from our front gate, there wasn’t a chance I could use an umbrella. Soaked to the skin I chuckled all the way into a hot shower in an attempt to ward off a teensy cold. Didn’t work. But it was amazing this morning to see the plants revitalized. They reminded me of how it feels to get into a roaringly good shower after a week of camping.

And… last but not least, I have another recipe for you!

Costa Rican Potato Salad


Potatoes, of course, about 4 medium cooked, choppedGarlic cloves, about 5 minced
Snap peas, quartered
Large Tomato, chopped
Half a red onion, chopped
Small can of corn
To taste: a mixture of lemon pepper, chipotle sauce, garlic pepper tabasco sauce, linzano salsa and mayo.