A Grocery List, A Recipe, and A Couple of Things I Forgot To Include…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was attempting to obliterate this painting with aqua over the top of something I wasn’t happy with when I stopped and realized maybe I had something here… In my daughter-in-law’s eyes it’s an underwater scene…

Here’s a recent grocery list of stuff that’ll last me a week (I already had eggs and some veggies, plus frozen homemade beans at home.
ring of sausage – $5.50
18oz jar of crunchy peanut butter – $5.82
pouch of strawberry jam – $1.84
Knorr Tortilla Soup Mix – $1.12
Quart of Carrot/Orange Juice – $1.50
medium block of cheddar cheese – $5.81
package of coconut cookies – $1
pouch of mozarrella cheese – $5.60
Dijon mustard – $3.50
4 bananas – $.30
3 large avacados – $3
3 medium tomatoes – $1.10
loaf of wheat bread – $3
pack of trident gum – $1.15

You can see with this grocery list that eating like a Costa Rican is much much cheaper than as a US expat!

Couple of observations I’d been meaning to add to one of these posts: Costa Rican citizens consider hot water a privilege – if you travel here be sure and ask if wherever you’re staying has hot water, and don’t be surprised to discover that the shower has an electrical switch that heats the cold water at the spigot before coming out warm enough to shower in.. they call them suicide showers here. The butterflies are out again! And this time they’re the brightest orange you’ve ever seen! Just incredible! Oh, and lastly, about that hot water issue – the dish detergent for washing dishes here has an extraordinary ability to make grease disappear – in cold water!

And for the final part of our post today… an easypeasy recipe!

Remember how I shared making Costa Rican red beans? (you had to soak them overnight, changing the water a couple of times; then put them in a slow cooker on high until they started to boil, turning them down to the warm setting for the next 5 hours; and finally adding lots of minced garlic and spicy sauces).

Okay, get that Knorr Tortilla Soup packet and follow directions, adding three cups of those red beans you made, heating up until ready to serve. Deliciosa!

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