Clouds of Chattering Parrots in Ojochal Costa Rica…


It’s that time of year here… when the parrot babies become adolescents and swarm through the skies like the teenagers they are in packs of chattering irrascible cacophonic splendor. I think I just made up a word! I’m here in Ojochal, Costa Rica babysitting a home, a dog and a cat for a woman who chose me out of thirty applicants on It happens to be a wonderful site if you plan on traveling anywhere in the world and want to take care of someone else’s possessions for a free place to stay while the owner is away. I’ve seen requests for beautiful homes for a year here in Costa Rica, as well as weeks at a time all over the world.


This is where I am…


And this begins a series of photos taken in the garden of the person I am house sitting for.




And here are the wonderful little animals I am entirely in love with that I am taking care of; Lily the pup whom I walk every morning for 2 hours up the mountain and back, plus Kiska the really beautiful intent-on-food outdoor kitty who is just now sitting next to me coughing up a hairball…



The arrangement with is one that doesn’t include any remuneration, so I pay for my own food and transportation… it’s not a money-making endeavor, at least through this site… It’s totally awesome for me because it allows me to go to different parts of the country and meet new people. Just today while walking the house owner’s pup I met a woman who has a casita for rent by the night here that is so reasonably priced for this area that I’d be remiss if I didn’t share it with everyone… it’s listed on, item #314680 in Ojochal Costa Rica.

You can do your own googling or binging for more information about Ojochal, but let me tell you from firsthand experience that this area is a very well kept secret of bountiful, lush, private lives fulfilled between the ocean and the jungles, in a natural splendor close to what I assume the Garden of Eden must have been like…. Next week – a talk and walk about Route #1 with Lily the beautiful pup… till then…



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