Hummingbirds, Rolfing, & Potholes…

It’s Tuesday… Oh Whoops! I missed it, didn’t I? Well, mea culpa por favor, the post was in my mind but my body got sidetracked by the most incredible massage of a lifetime. I think it was incredible because I wanted it to be, right? So I was ‘in the moment’ of the interstitial celebration of release that made Chinese 4th of July fireworks seem less than redundant.

rolfing2My back had been hurting since I’d begun babysitting my little 4-month old granddaughter. Bad. I’d also just had an incredibly enlightening energy release facilitated by Andrew Delaney, who you can find on Facebook if interested, so I was ready to let go of the pain and begin discovering – again – who I am… I know, it’s woo woo, mystic kinda stuff, but there you go… anyway, turned out I had a dislocated rib.HA! So much for denial, huh? Comes in handy sometimes.  Rolfing releases ‘tension’ held in the inner layer of fascia (membrane that connects muscles). They say ‘tension,’ but in my experience that tension equates to stored memories that make the muscle clench unnecessarily for your health, leading…. you got it… to a needed massage. Best, best, best massage EVER! I’ll write about my insights tomorrow in my other blog –

Costa-Rica-colibri-humming-birdI’m not sure if I have one new friend or a family of hummingbirds who’ve decided they want to get to know me. They look like this beauty, and attempt to discover a way into me through the window while I’m typing away at my desk every day, many times of the day. Yesterday I decided to look up what Hummingbird Medicine meant in the Native American Shamanic lexicon… joy, healing, love… it all works with the massage! Even though I feel black and blue today, I’m sitting up straight and incredibly excited about what today will bring! Without a dislocated rib! YIPPEE!!!

I’ve gotta leave you today with a really powerful picture that makes everyone that lives here in Costa Rica simply laugh their asses off…. the ridiculousness becomes comedy in a third world country… enjoy!



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  1. Niki, a dislocated rib may tend to be uncomfortable, good for you and the massage!!
    l so enjoy these posts, keep them coming Sista.

  2. Even months after the fact, I feel your pain and hope you haven’t had any recurrences. I have lupus and fibromyalgia and occasionally my front lower left rib slips out of place because of issues with my muscles, ligaments, and tendons weakening at random times (so much in lupus & fibro is random!). I long ago figured out how to push the rib back in place and, depending on how far it slipped, the moment it goes back in place can be painfully breathtaking. Like you said, it still hurts afterwards, but less so, and after a couple of days (with pain reliever as needed) I’m just fine. Deep tissue massages like the one you got are dangerous for me, but regular ones leave me feeling amazing – well worth any minor discomfort during the massage.

    I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading through it and also viewing your photos. As we’re approaching winter where I’m from in the States, I’ve been seriously thinking about spending it as a temporary expat somewhere warm and Costa Rica was on my list. But, after reading your posts, I’m thinking that maybe it’s too humid for me. I, too, have respiratory issues (more than asthma) but also lupus and fibromyalgia, neither of which responds well to high humidity, regardless of season. The pictures I’ve seen of Costa Rica are absolutely beautiful, and the cost of living seems right, but I may need a drier climate. :(

    • Thanks for writing! It is humid off and on in the mountains where I live and I don’t think you can totally get away from it here in Costa Rica… but if you were looking for a place where it has the least humidity it would be Playa Hermosa, from what I’ve heard from others. Take care – work on having marvelously healthy visioning daydreams and do what you need to get comfortable! Appreciate your comments and look forward to hearing more from you in the future!

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