Okay, here’s a weird post…

Ever heard of Masaru Emoto? The scientist guy who did the research on how water crystals change based on the feelings directed at them? I decided to try it on myself and see if how I looked while I was feeling my happy carefree self, and then again how I looked as I felt as a grandma self (the old woman self)…

I’ve been wallowing in doing nothing and getting everything done. In cooking for the freezer and taking naps after lunch. In waking up at 4am and dozing until 5:30. In creating a blog for a friend and doing readings for clients. In warm humid mornings and chilly/monsoonish afternoons.

I’m on vacation from babysitting, but not from being a Grandma. That’s the real work I’m doing this week. Wrapping my head and heart around looking old and feeling young… So… I began wondering today …. do I really look old or do the emotions behind what I THINK of a grandma/old woman impact how I look? So, I took two pictures, one after the other… see if you can pick out which one is the grandma.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis one? Shocked my own self with this experiment today. Need to learn something from this exercise. How you feel definitely impacts how you look. I wonder what I’ll look like if I start calling myself the New Barbi??


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