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An ER Visit to the Caja…

An interesting experience these past seven hours… had an asthma attack I couldn’t manage, so threw in the towel and called my son for help. We went to the closest hospital which is the most recent in the Central Valley – Heredia Metropolitan. Here’s how I saw it when we arrived:

Nighttime HospitalWell, there might not have been a full moon…

You usually don’t have to wait long in the ER with a breathing issue no matter where you are, and our wait was about 15 minutes tops. The first step was the Reception Desk where they needed my actual street address, whether I had insurance or not, phone, and Visa ID Number (I didn’t have it with me, but they used the number and my driver’s license). After the initial wait we met with the admitting nurse who took info about my current medications of which there were none since I’d not had any asthma related issues since I arrived a  year and a half ago except for one cold that turned into a bronchitis ‘thing’ that lasted a couple of weeks but resolved without having to fall back on the asthma medications.  The admitting nurse took me into a very large room, about the size of a regular high school gymnasium with a nurse station and two lines of chairs facing one another on each long wall. One side was for IV Therapy and the other was for Respiratory Therapy.

I was told where to sit, a nurse came over and put in a line for a reception point of what turned into a steroid shot (have no idea why they needed an IV port), then gave me the headset for an inhalation therapy session. Breath in, breath out an epinephrine type of drug that still has me trembling inside out like a vibratory resonance that doesn’t feel really good but it sure opens up the airways. I had three of those with fantastic results. Could walk out of the session and chatter vibrantly to anyone who would listen. My poor son….

So this is what the hospital looks like during the day:

Daylight hospitalI wish I could have found pictures of the interior design. You would be totally shocked. It’s beautiful. Beautiful setting and grounds, beautiful waiting chairs, very accessible personnel. All around my impression was very good – even high – about the experience…

Except for the waiting. After those three sessions with the inhalation therapy I waited for about three hours for the doctor to visit me, check me out, advise me on the drugs I’ll be taking from now on. Evidently the humidity here has the opposite effect you’d think it would for asthma related issues… not a good one.

So, bottom line, I had to wait a couple of hours more than I would in the US, but everything was pretty much the same. Differences included not taking a medical history or bp and pulse checks at the onset of the visit, and about $800,

I assumed from the look and efficiency of the hospital that my son had taken me to a private facility. He didn’t. He took me to the CAJA, which is Costa Rican Socialized Medicine. I was totally blown away twice: once when he told me it was the CAJA after the fact, and then again when I went to pay the bill…. $86 which included the shot, two prescriptions, three inhalation therapies, plus the attention from the nurses and doctor.

Welcome to Costa Rica!

Evidently the CAJA reserves the right and it is granted by the Constitution to formulate their own generic drugs, which certainly is an outstanding efficiency for those of us who need to use them. A wonderful surprise all around… plus being able to breathe again.. that’s always nice, too.



Visa Run to Grenada, Nicaragua…

Yes, it’s almost that time again… another Visa Run this coming October to extend my stay another 90 days.  This time I’m going to Grenada, which means the Penas Blancas border, hothothothot weather, and new adventures. I’ve not been through this border before. From what I’ve heard, I better be prepared with water on hand, a hat, and lots of patience.

I’m gofrontera-penas-blancas-460x270ing to take Tica Bus there and back. Since the earliest bus is at 3am, I’ll stay at their little hotel, located above the bus station, the night before. The cost is minimal, but you get a clean room with private bathroom for only about $20, so it’s worth it!  The trip has a couple of options – one of which is Executive Class and the other Tourist Class. I’m gonna take the Exec bus because it’s faster, they stop for breakfast, have a bathroom on board, and help you through Customs… well, at least they point you in the right direction.

photo of tica bus

As you can see, the bus is plenty plush and comfortable. Sometimes, though, they have the a/c cranked up to uncomfortable levels, so as hot as you know it’s going to be in Nicaragua – no matter where you go – it’s prudent to bring a sweatshirt, at least….. some people even travel with blankets!

I found an incredible site online as I was searching for potential places to stay in Grenada…. It’s a thoughtful listing of lodgings, activities, eateries and asides regarding everything Granada broken down from budget to very comfortable options.

I’ve chosen Casa San Francisco Hotel which has a Visa Run special at 3 nights for $139/single and $159/double, which is an outstanding deal for this boutique hotel.

Casa San Francisco It looks like a great spot in a great location. With a pool, a/c, cable tv, wifi, and an ambiance that feels personal, I’m really looking forward to this vacation!