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And You Thot All Recipes Were Created Equal…

Recipe_Box_LgThere are all kinds of recipes – for food, for life, for fun, for focus, for the heart…

I’ve come across a couple of opportunities recently where I’ve used different interpretations to reflect it’s meaning….

The first thing that comes to mind probably for most of us of course, is food…

So, here’s a food recipe for you that will tickle your taste buds. You can eat this salad as a side, put it between two pieces of buttered baguette, or add snap peas, walnuts and edamame, which is my favorite iteration… here’s a pic, you can find the recipe at:


The next iteration of the word ‘recipe’ is one that tickled my funny bone… and could be entitled ‘A Recipe For Bewilderment’

EvangelineonKuntaAnd, hopefully not ‘A Recipe For Disaster!’

Thirdly, there is the amalgam of experience that could be encapsulated as a ‘Recipe For The Heart.’ This type of experience has often looked like this for me:

recipeurduTrying to decipher this part of my life has been mystifying cuz I’m not all that traditional by nature and certainly not by inclination… a 60’s kinda gal, independent. Walking into my house is like being inside a kaleidoscope. My house isn’t quite the Volkswagen traveling bus of those good ole days, but parts of those days still reside for me… I still miss Jim Morrison of The Doors… I enjoyed the Age of Aquarius. I continue to be a bit (LOL!) of an anarchist with sprinklings of the mystic. So there hasn’t been alot of room in me to consider compromising any portion of my identity assumed as a bra-burning radical of that age. Imagine my attempt to acquit myself successfully in a prim apron. It never happened for me.. I never crossed that divide… Until I moved to Costa Rica, and discovered ….  a recipe for family…

3musketeersWhich has subsequently relaxed my vigilance in support of anarchy, and opened up possibilities for so many more iterations of sharing and community that had been outside of my experience. The raw sensuousness of this country of Costa Rica is evidenced in so many subtle (well, yeah, sometimes not so subtle) ways here. The way people dress (or don’t). The way people honor and respect nature. The way laughter drifts through the mountains on Saturday nights… or the sound of construction workers singing while they’re putting up a house.. In so many ways the closeness, the unconditional play amongst generational family gatherings.  Just sitting in the park and watching dads playing hide and seek with their kids – so much authentic joy… it’s all just melted the emotional defenses I’d utilized while in the US to protect my need to be separate. It’s pretty impossible to be separate here. It’s a small country and it’s a different kind of lack of privacy. It’s about community here. It seems the Costa Rican recipe for joy and meaning lies within the family.

As a woman living in a fairly small tico community I am known as a loca gringa due to my single status. I’ve been here for almost two years and even the taxi drivers and the girls in the bakery ask me why I continue to be alone… How can you live without love? How can you sleep alone at night? Initially I felt kinda insulted, but the longer I’ve experienced this culture, the more I understand where these friendly questions come from. The warmth, the joy, the relaxed atmosphere got me…

recipeinspired to consider the possibility that sharing might be an adventure I’d enjoy, a far horizon I just might achieve.


So I decided to welcome the possibility of a …


into my life… and met an Aquarian of the Aquarian Age!


A tall Viking-looking guy who could easily grace the cover of a romance novel. While I’m not sure at this point if he’s a marauder looking for hostages, or a friendly guy looking for a companion, the fact that this culture has melted my defenses to this reality of potential enjoyment is something akin to miraculous. And I have Costa Rica, it’s people, and my family to thank.

So… I leave you a final Recipe, and a wish for each of you reading this – that you find your heart filled with more and more love.