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Jurassic Park…


Just sayin’… I live in Jurassic Park; no kidding! It is amazing how lush, incredibly lush it is here in Costa Rica. There are different types of climates here: the beach is hot/not warm – but beautiful; the drive from where I live to Panama for my first Visa Run was awe-inspiring/not boring – and beautiful. You’d think that after 7-hours of gasping in wonder, I’d be worn out and begin to take the vistas for granted… Not!

I’m pretty sure Jurassic Park was filmed here and I definitely discovered why. I even saw areas where I wouldn’t have been one bit surprised to see a gigantic dinosaur dwarfed by the foliage of the many mountain ranges we traversed.

I”m used to seeing ONE mountain range at a time. This trip was up and over more than several of them, through rainforest, beach, pasture lands, African palm plantations with old old wooden houses for the help, and many many rivers flowing from those mountains to the ocean. And you know what I missed seeing? I don’t know if “missed” is the correct way to say it or not, but in 7 hours of passing through all this glorious beauty I did not see ANY clear-cuts! I think they take the trees out of the mangroves along the coastlines instead, and not to the extent of how the US clear-cuts their supposedly pristine federal parklands. Anyway, moving along… the vistas were incredible and made a long trip entertaining, to say the least.

It’s difficult to portray to you in words and with a single picture the beauty and diversity of this country, so I’m going to turn you on to a couple who retired here named The Brownes who have created a library of over a hundred videos of their experiences in Costa Rica. Three of those videos will give you more of an idea of what it is like here than I can capture. Enjoy, and check out their website for more info and insights!


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